What makes Sherbee Honey Special


Because our Honey is 100% Natural. WIth no added Chemicals, Sugar, Glucose or Colorings. We are very fussy when it comes to Honey. That's why all of our Honey is first Tasted, to ensure the corect Flavor. Checked for the right Colour of Honey and Tested for the right Viscosity.

When it metts this criteria we have the Honey Tested in an Independsnt Laboritry for Chemical Analysis. Only then can the Honey wear the Sherbee Badge. In addition we are Proud Members of ISO 22000, IQ Net and ISO 9001 to ensure excellance in Quality Control. So what are you waiting for? Call or email us Today to enjoy Europes Finest Honey.


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Demonstrated in the Movie above is just one Example of Sherbee's Superior Quality

Try it for yourself and Taste the Difference.