Wildflower Field


Our Multiflower Honey is made from Nectar of Wildflowers. It has a full bodies Taste, Darkish Golden in colour.


Varieties of Honey

Their are many varieties of honey available.

Sherbee specialises in 3 different varieties native to the Transylvania region where our Processing Facility is located.

Our range of Honey comprises of 3 distinctly diferent Tastes and Colours.

From the full bodied aroma of Multiflower to our smooth, Delicate taste of Acacia.





Linden Tree Flower


Our Linden Honey is produced from Nectar of Linden Tree Flowers. It has a very unique, refreshing taste. Light Golden in colour.

Acacia Tree Flower


Our Acacia Honey is produced from Nectar of Acacia Tree Flowers. This is our finest Honey. A delicate Sweet Taste. Yellowish Golden/Clear in colour.